Need To Expedite The Situation? How Using A Bail Bond Can Get You Home Faster After An Arrest


In most cases, being arrested is an unpleasant and unexpected surprise. Unfortunately, it is something that happens all too frequently. In fact, according to recent statistics from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program provided by the FBI, there was an average of 3,215 arrests for every 100,000 residents of the United States during 2017. 

Being arrested refers to the accusation of a crime, and the arrested party and arresting agency must use the court system to determine actual guilt or innocence. For most people, finding a way to minimize the initial jail time immediately after an arrest is vitally important. If you or someone you love has just been arrested, this information will help you understand the value of contacting a bail bond agent immediately to help shorten the time that would otherwise be spent in jail.

Using a bail bond agent frees up cash for legal fees and living expenses 

When someone is arrested, they often immediately think of using their savings, paycheck, or even a credit card to post bond and be released. In situations where the defendant's financial resources are limited, using available cash to post bond can make it difficult to later find the funds they need to hire an attorney or maintain normal household expenses, like rent, groceries, and childcare.

A better choice can be to use a bail bond agent to help you post bond. In many areas of the country, a bail bond agent's fee may be just 10 percent of the bond amount, making it far easier for the arrested party to handle their other financial obligations while also dealing with their legal situation. 

Bail bond agents are typically available around the clock

Another reason to seek the services of a bail bond agent is that they typically are available around the clock. This can be a real advantage for someone who might otherwise need to remain in jail until they can reach their bank or lending institution during normal business hours to work out loan arrangements for the purpose of posting bail. 

Additionally, using a bail bond agent to assist you in being released on bail as soon as possible after the arrest means that the defendant is able to resume their normal work and home schedule much more quickly. 

To learn more about using a bail bond agent to post bond when you or someone you love has been arrested, contact a bail bondsman service that serves the area in which you live and work. 


30 September 2019

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