Bail Bonds Assistance After Getting Arrested


Spending time in jail can be a nightmare for someone who was arrested for the first time. Even going to jail several times can take some getting used to as you lose all of your freedom while behind bars and have to abide by strict rules. Fortunately, it is usually possible for someone to be released from jail before they have gone through a trial for the crime that was committed. However, getting out of jail is a decision that is left up to a judge, and you must be able to pay the bond amount that is set. If you have any questions that you would like answered in regard to getting out of jail, continue reading this article.

What If the Bond Amount Is Too High?

There is usually nothing that you can do after the judge sets you bail bond amount unless you have a lawyer. A lawyer can possibly get the bond amount reduced, but the time that it takes to do so means that you will likely have to spend more time in jail until the process is over. It is in your best interest to accept the bond amount and do everything possible to get it paid so you can be released. You can start by asking family and friends to pay the money on your behalf. If no one is able to bail you out, all hope isn't lost because you can contact a bail bonds agent for assistance.

How Can a Bail Bonds Agent Be Contacted?

You will have the opportunity to use the phone while in jail, but it will have to be done at certain times. When you get access to the phone, ask if you can view a phone book so that you can look up a bail bonds agent. You might even be able to obtain recommendations directly from the staff at the jailhouse. Calling a friend or family member for assistance with locating a bail bonds agent is another option that you have.

Can You Travel Upon Getting Released?

Each defendant can have different conditions in regard to getting released from jail. If the judge orders you to remain in town upon being released, you cannot legally travel. Even if you are able to travel, it is your responsibility to come back to town in time to go to court. If you miss your court appearance, you will be found and taken back to jail by the police or bounty hunters. Keep in mind that even a bails bonds company can send bounty hunters to find you.


27 August 2019

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