Spouse Arrested For DUI? 3 Tips To Handle The Situation And Get Them Out Of Jail


If your spouse was arrested for a DUI, they were likely taken straight to jail and booked. There are many factors involved on exactly what will happen when it comes to jail time. To help you, below are three tips on how you can handle this situation and get your spouse out of jail.

Learn the Law

The first thing you should do is to educate yourself on the law so you will know what to expect. Depending on the state that you live in, if this is the first DUI your spouse has ever been convicted of and no one was hurt during an accident, they may not spend any time in jail, or if so, only a few days.

If this is their second DUI, they will have to spend more jail time. If this is the third, there will be much stiffer penalties, such as a much longer sentence.

Hire an Attorney

If you are not sure about any of this hire an attorney that deals with DUI cases. They can determine what they have charged your spouse with, as there may be more changes than the DUI itself. The attorney can also speak with the court to learn how many DUIs your spouse has been charged with.

Once the attorney gains all the needed information, they will handle your case to get your spouse out of jail sooner.

Hire a Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman can help you get your spouse out of jail if the court is setting bail. The bail could be something like $10,000 to $50,000, although the amount depends on many things. You likely would have a very difficult time coming up with a large sum of money like this. If so, a bail bondsman can help you.

How this works is the bail bondsman will take a percentage of the bail, such as 5 or 10 percent. You could also use collateral if you do not have money, such as an expensive piece of jewelry. Once the bail bondsman receives what they need, they can start the process of getting your spouse out of jail.

The main thing to consider with this is the court will set up a court date for your spouse. If your spouse does not attend this court date, the bail bondsman will come after them. This is because the bondsman will lose a lot of money as they would have to pay the bail amount out of their own pocket. Your spouse would also end up with more jail time if they do not go to their court hearing.

Your attorney can give you much more information about all of this. A bail bondsman, such as from All Night & Day Bailbonds, can also answer any questions you may have.


4 March 2019

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