Benefits Of Serving Your Country


Serving your country means sacrifices. Soldiers who fought in action used to come home with nothing to show for it, and were often less intact than when they left. After the Vietnam War, that changed. The government made sure soldiers were given many more benefits to thank them for their service. While all of the following benefits will not make you whole again, they will make civilian life a little more comfortable.

The VA Hospitals

Veterans now have special hospitals that will treat them when they are sick and injured. Veterans are to go to these hospitals and not civilian hospitals so that all medical expenses are covered and veterans do not have to pay for care. Even with more serious healthcare issues, the veterans hospitals are dedicated to providing veterans with excellent care.

Paid Education or Training

A big draw for recruits to any branch of the military is the promise of a paid college education or paid training in any career field. If you served for at least four years, the military pays for you to go to college or complete training for a well-paying career. If you have not taken advantage of this benefit, it is not too late.

VA Mortgages

Veterans can apply for first mortgages under the VA mortgage-lending program. All participating banks and lenders offer veterans mortgage loans with really low interest rates. Veterans are given preferential treatment with this program over civilians who have to pay more, even when civilians qualify for the lowest civilian rates. As a veteran, home ownership gives you a sense of security and stability, something that most veterans who have served really need. Contact a company like NRL Mortgage LLC for more information.

VA Status for ANY Job

Veterans are also the first pick when they apply for a job. Veterans can apply for civilian jobs, government jobs (e.g., postal worker, park ranger, city treasurer, etc.,), police officer jobs, and thousands of other jobs, and they will get preferential treatment as job applicants under the law. It is the government's way of making sure that your transition to civilian life is a smooth one and that you will never have to worry about unemployment.

Celebratory Funerals

When veterans die, their funeral expenses are covered. The celebratory events at a veteran's funeral, such as the twenty-one-gun salute and the funeral march to the grave site, are all covered. All are a tribute to a life given for honor and country.


5 September 2018

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